Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday Jun er @ One Utama.

Hey peeps! Guess what? Yesterday was Ms. Lai Kuan yee's birthday. Happy birthday ya, babe! :D So yeah, went to 1u after school with her and her boyfriend, and of course my baby was going too (: Watched the movie, Night at the museum 2. It's kinda amusing =].

go back to baby's home after movie. Got a bad news, Moon moon got sick. Don't really like to talk at night, like.. mute. haha. Alright, on the next morning, like changed a person. Talkative like hell. lol.

We were going to eat the Domino Pizza. Woohooo~ My fav cheese!
say cheeseeeeeeee!! :D
Baby rushed toward me and said "Baby, you must drink this," I'm wondering why he said that. Then he was pointed to the expire date. Awww it's my birthday. LOL. how silly was he (:

Alright, Ms. Leong Wei Seng bought a laptop. See~ how RICH is he! every time told me that you're in the red. Now I get wise to why are you saying these. ==

Urghhhhh!! Baby is gonna to work in the coming hols. That's meant I can't meet him in the whole hols :( But he's working to earn some money for my shopping spree. So, It's okay. Muahahaha. Enna, I love you baby, but not only your money. Okay? Trust me! (:

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