Friday, May 29, 2009

29th @ 30th.

Hey peeps! exam is OVER!!! muahahahahahahaha. I'm need not to face those exam anymore~ Woohoo! So after school, I was going to Station 1 that nearby my school with my schoolmates :D. But after I home, I realized something that made me feel like wanna to bang the wall, I has a super big pimple on m face! Arghhhhhhhhh!!! IHATEYOU! >.< Had a tuition class at night, I love the class! cause of Mr.Kumar ;) He's so darn funny, we like to talk to him. Alright, we had learnt the poem last night, Monsoon history. When we talked about silver paper, then he said "nowadays huh, they are not only burn the silver paper, but bungalow, BMW, cell phone, maid, and wife as well!" "Perhaps when they received the cell phone, you will get a call from them that telling you those things you burnt had been received :D" HAHAHA. Then I said, "then have 3G? or webcam? If yes, then we can even seen what's going on in the hell!" HAHA. but seriously, I don't hope it will be realize someday. lol.

It's f*king 8.32pm now, as I was came back from my breakfast. Last night, I was awaked by the uncle auntie*my parents* {-.=T} I don't really heard what they were talking about, but I know they were arguing, and heard my sis was stopped them from arguing. Since I'm so tired, so I was continued my dating with Mr.Chou Kong. HAHA. But the most loathe thing is, I got up at 7a.m today. omggg. I tried to sleep back but I failed! So yeah, turned on the pc and start to online. Suddenly my mom came in to my room, and asked me go to breakfast with them. So yes, I'm going, with a reluctance mood==. Cause I'm so lazy to go out early in the morning weiyhh. As you know, my parents was argued. So when we were having our breakfast, three of us was just silent all the while, and the others was like talking non-stop. ish. So I try to find something to talk, CHILL. sigh. Well, these day like nothing to talk to baby. He was busying for his work. I should try to tolerant him. Cause he's working, but the salary is for me. HAHA. okie, may be will update soon? CIAO. (:


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