Monday, March 30, 2009

Pity babe.

went to Kahjang around 4++a.m yesterday. This is the first time time we been there so early. When we arrived, there have no any other people except us. lol. We reached there earlier than fore time, so that we can saw the sunrise. It is wonderful :D. Went out again at noon with my family. Bought some junk food, Yakult, Vitagen, Shine, ice-cream and bla bla bla.. woohoo~ It made me feel like want to stay at home. muahaha.
see, how awesome is it. :)
my cousin like to bully my brother. see~ how insane is him. haha.
okay well, seems like seldom chat with baby these day. Today after he got home, I never get any message from him. How busy was him? at least send me a message and tell me what. I'm really so emo about that. Cause I'm a sensitive and emotional girl, I will think a lot If he ignore me. Even he didn't text me because of he's busying with somethings. What a toughly character. lol. owh ya, I got Demi broke with her boyfriend this morning, heard from Weng ker. 7 month's relationship destroyed by a girl. A girl that he just know for 1 or 2 week. Is it beworth? I don't know what are you thinking about, Marvin. Demi is a desirable girlfriends. She's good in study and she so look so sweet :D. Too bad I'm not with her now, so just can comfort her by message. *sigh* How pity my babe. Btw, Cheer up babe! you still have me, the one you can give a vent to. teehee. Love ya.;)

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