Monday, March 19, 2012

Ichiban Boshi @ Giza mall.

Guess what? I've cut my hair shorter!

It looks like not much diff right? See the photos below and you will know. haha.

Not sam tong? Hmm, a little bit. Yea, idk why. lol. Maybe long hair really difficult to take care. It takes a long time to dry after I've washed my hour? yea, I think. So did a hair cut to make myself look fresh! ;D But...I realised I seems look older with this hair style :( It's okay, it will grow long soon! haha :P

Hmm, just to mention. The upper part and the lower part is on different day. haha.
Alright, this is one of my assignment that done by me and Pui Yan.It's a Type specimen book :)

And glad that our work are selected and been exhibited in Tarc on the open day! :D ♥ And some of my peers, their works have been selected to exhibit in KL librabry =D Congratz ya!

Our group photos of the day

Went to Ichiban boshi, Giza mall for lunch with daddy and auntie. =)

their Tamago mentai really sooo nice! I think it's better than Sushi zanmai. I mean the Tamago mentai, and also Chawanmushi. hehehe.

Awww. Wish wednesday come faster and I could done my assignment. After Wednesday then I will be free!=D But for now, just hope those ideas can spring to my mind asap. Or else I will be die on wed  =( *finger crossed* 

Help me to click the link below ya. Thank youuu

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