Sunday, January 29, 2012

20th Jan 2012

 An outing with baby and my sis to Sunway again. lol =)

Pizza as our lunch? :)

Yeah, I bought things from Da Louis again. hahah.

It's a headband! :D

inside is like this one, so you won't feel pain when wearing it =) It's hard to find those headband like this. Mr.Liu and I find it for quite some times d, finally we found :D

And I bought a hair clip! :D I was looking for some ribbon hair clip like this long time ago, finally got it! Thanks Mr.Liu for bought me that ♥

ZenQ @ dessert.

Seehis stupid face. hahaha.

Very big bowlll =O

Luckily Mr.Liu was there to finish it. hahah.

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