Monday, November 1, 2010

Heyya! Already long time never see me right?

Ya, my fringe had grown long now. Not only the fringe, my hair almost reach my hip now. I wanna wait for spm to pass then only I go to do a haircut. Wanna have a fresh look after it ;)
Alright, talked about spm...Still remember that last year Ms Ang Lay Yee told me that she didn't feel any jittery before few weeks of spm when I asked her about the feeling. And now, I can know why. We are the same kind of people. lol. I know spm is just around the corner..but you know what? I am a super last-minute-person. All the homework I was done before the day that have to hand in, even test, I also just brushed up before the day of the subject. Awww, how terrible am I. Really scare that I will be like that for spm too. sigh. Tomorrow gonna start to do revision for all subjects. Cause TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE what, so just same as ONE ALSO BETTER THAN NONE lo. Means, a last minute preparation is better than no preparation. At least I won't drop dead once I opened the questions paper. lol.

Last Saturday went to Mid Valley after seminar with the buddies.
It was Chui Yee's bday ;))
her bday, but she was the one who buy the cake for us. loll.
Thanks alot, anyway ;D
It's really sooo nice <3

Alright, I haven't wish the birthday guys and lass yet.

14th Oct - Kar mun
20th Oct - Yan yee
27th Oct - Apple Ang
30th Oct - Chui yee
1st Nov - My 4th uncle @ "Kai ye"
2cd Nov - Shi kai

Happy belated birthday to you all! ;) God bless you. aha.

Sighhh. Can't believe that there are still 2 weeks more for us to prepare for SPM.
2 weeks...It will pass so fast! I know that. sigh.
Hope I'll manage to handle it.

All the best for all SPM candidates !

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